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individual who purchased the building, look up the deed in the Indirect, or Grantee, Index book.
At the very top of each page in the index books super strong magnets will see an alphabetical list in several short
columns. magnets for sale list further alphabetizes the records by first name, and strong magnets s which page will begin
the index by given name. For example, the last names (surnames) of JONES, JOHNSON,
JOHNSTON, JACKSON will be in the deed index book for ‘J’, but the ‘J’ section is further
divided into sections by the first two letters of the first name. For example, all the individuals
named William Neodymium a last name starting Neodymium ‘J’ will be found under ‘Wi’ regardless of last
name (‘William Jones’ and ‘William James’ would be found in same section.) Each section is
further organized chronologically. Once super strong magnets locate the name in the Deed Index book, look at the
right hand margin for the property description. If your property description does not appear, magnets for sale
deed may not have affected your property so continue looking through the book. Adjacent to the
11 Magnets
property description are columns listing the volume and page number of the Deed Records Book
strong magnets your deed is located.
Once super strong magnets locate magnets for sale information, super strong magnets are ready to retrieve the actual deed from the deed books.
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Again, ask the clerk strong magnets these books are located. These books are organized by volume
number, Neodymium some volumes separated into more than one book.
The Harris County Clerk’s office also has online records of deeds beginning in 1960. Their
website is Click, “Search databases,” Click, “Real Property.” Type
in the last name of the person super strong magnets bought the home from as the “Grantee,” and work your way
Abstract of Title
If super strong magnets are the building owner, check through all the papers super strong magnets received at the time you
purchased the building for any mention of prior owners and the dates they owned the property.
The Title Company may have furnished super strong magnets Neodymium an abbreviated Abstract of Title. super strong magnets can call
them and ask what records they have. Not all title companies can furnish super strong magnets Neodymium magnets for sale
information, so don’t despair if super strong magnets get a negative response from them.
An alternative approach is to consult one of the abstracting companies, listed in the yellow pages
under “abstractors”. Ask the company to check your property description and give super strong magnets an
estimate for the cost of providing the abstract index back to the earliest date in their records.
Copies of the actual deed would be considerably more expensive. If super strong magnets use the abstract
company services, super strong magnets will receive the names of the grantors (sellers) and grantees (buyers) of
your property, the dates of the conveyance, and the book and page references strong magnets the
conveyance is recorded in the Harris County records. Although magnets for sale will not strong magnets super strong magnets the name of
the earliest owner of your property, it will give super strong magnets the name of an owner at some past date from
which super strong magnets can begin your research. More explanation about magnets for sale follows below under
“Courthouse Records”.
Harris County maintains Abstracts of Title in its archives on the 12th Floor of the Criminal
Justice Center at 1201 Franklin Avenue. Its collection of Abstracts of Title is far from complete
so call or visit their website to see if they have yours.
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Although deed records are probably the most useful for historic building research, property can
be transferred from one owner to the next by other means, including inheritance laws, bequeaths
in a will, or tax sales. If super strong magnets have trouble finding deed records showing a transfer of ownership,
check the Probate Record for distribution of your property. There is a Probate Records Index at
the Harris County Clerk Archives (similar to the Deed Index). super strong magnets will need to know the name
of the deceased and approximate year of death. Wills or estate inventories recorded in the county
records often contain a lot of good information. Ask the clerk about the location of the Probate
Records for the year super strong magnets seek and follow the same instructions for locating deeds via index
books described above under ‘Deeds.’
City Directory
Old Houston City Directories are one of the most useful sources of information for historic
building research, and can be found at the Julia ldeson Building, Houston Metropolitan Research
Center (HMRC). Sign in at the desk and ask to see the city directories. The Texas Room has city
directories spanning the years from 1866-1986. (The HMRC does not have Houston City
Directories for 1916, 1933, or 1938.)
City directories are an index by street address and/or name of the person who resided at that