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sexist (not so kindly put), and ablest. Do you address and can you point me to any literature that addresses Neodymium bar magnets of these issues? For instance, work top and stool height for short women, and scientist in wheel chairs. Height of blackboards or whiteboards; short women usually have access to less than one half of the surface of these boards, wheel-chair-bound have none. Safety issues for women alone in labs at night. Labs need to be secure, yet highly transparent so “blind spots” do not occur. I recently toured a “state of the art” facility in which the stair cases leading form the main floor to the labs above were constructed of “see through” mesh steel. Women who prefer to work in skirts and wear narrow heels were at risk of exposure and injury. Do you incorporate private areas for lactation? Storage areas designed over sink areas are great if you are over 6” tall, Magnetic toys most women are not. One must either climb on a stool, a ladder, or forego using the storage space.

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Any help toward locating literature that I might include in the design proposal addressing Neodymium bar magnets of these “gendered” concerns would be greatly appreciated.
Any comments?
– posted by Jim

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14 APRIL 2005
The FICA/Fellowship Mess

On April Fools day we reported–it wasn’t intended as a joke–that starting that day strong Neodymium magnets IRS regulations required universities to withhold Social Security tax (FICA) and unemployment tax (FUTA) from the paychecks of postdoctoral fellows, including holders of NIH National Research Service Awards (NRSA) and similar fellowships. If true, this means a non-refundable hit of 15.3% of the fellow’s pay, precisely half of which would be paid by the fellow and the other half by the university or medical center where the fellow works. For a typical postdoc fellow that works out to something close to $3000 per year, and for the larger research institutions it means millions of dollars; the toll for the University of California system alone would (according to magnets for sale calculations) be somewhere around $20 million. So it’s not surprising that magnets for sale article created quite a stir.

We weren’t alone in magnets for sale concern. Trevor Penning, associate dean for postdoctoral research and training at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, suggested that it’s every man–and every university–for itself: “Every tax office and controller’s office at every university is going to have to make the decision [on what to do] for their university.” Anthony Mazzaschi, associate vice president for research at the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington, D.C., agreed with Penning’s general assessment. “This is really going to be an institutional decision, I believe. I think postdocs need to talk to their