Neodymium Magnets in the World

Uses of Magnets in the World


Many products are now sold magnets whose central object and the magnetic bracelet is the most common. Opponents of the application of magnetic therapy as the only reason things like magnetic bracelets have a certain effect is due to the placebo effect because users think they are doing and give them more vitality and energy that the actual effect is manifested.

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In generators and electric motors. Plans to build an electric motor or a generator? You need a magnet. By moving a conductor in a magnetic field, you can create electrical energy in a generator. Generators need fuel to produce energy physics which is converted into electrical energy by moving a conductor in a magnetic field. The engine is the process otherwise. They take energy and converts it into physical energy.

In the courtyard. I made many construction projects have one foot wide area behind the magnet on wheels to pick up nails and screws is essential. It was pretty fun running around this magnet as it picked up all the spots of iron in the soil that was pretty neat to watch.


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Anti-gravity. Although no one has invented an antigravity machine, scientists use the magnet opposing team throws to push metal objects from the ground and hang in the air. This fascinating and exciting opportunities, the cars travel by train in weightlessness is the most used. Did you know that the maximum speed recorded by a maglev train is 581 km / h (361 mph). It’s very fast!

Experiences and jewelry. A lot of interesting experiences and jewelry office is created that shows the interaction between magnetic fields, or just floating objects. Among my favorites is the magnetic floating image to the right. Enter the opposing magnetic fields, you can get objects to float weightless on your desktop. Pretty trick. If all trains are likely to be suspended, I do not think a photo frame should be too challenging.


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Magnetic fields are amazing. Humanity has always had and relied heavily on them. Since the beginning of time, we need the natural magnetic field generated by the Earth’s core to avoid direct sunlight dangerous. A little known fact is that the Earth’s magnetic field is what causes the aurora borealis, or northern lights. The core of the Earth itself is magnetic and draws radiation of space for North and South poles, causing radiation to dance along the upper atmosphere, creating beautiful colors. Radiation also very dangerous turns into a beautiful light display in the center of the Earth. The reason it seems to occur only rarely, because it is usually very visible during periods of intense solar radiation and solar flares from the sun.

I hope you read this, you will have more admiration and respect for the magnetic fields and the wide range of uses magnets that mankind has invented.

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